Knowing how to find the ideal delivery concept for each customer
Efficiency and flexibility are decisive factors – particularly as regards delivery. This is why, here too, we offer tailor-made solutions: quantity buyers can be supplied with complete truckloads via direct transfer. Conversely, we also operate as a “supplementary warehouse” for our customers, delivering smaller batches on a weekly basis – a service which not only saves resources, but is extremely punctual and, what’s more, on request deliveries can be individually picked. Our convenient location and the large storage facilities in the port of Bremen are of great benefit to everyone.

Knowing how to make the impossible possible

We know how to square the circle. We tailor our products to meet your specific requirements. We are happy to advise you at an early stage in the planning and preparation of the further processing of materials. We cut, drill and mill the products for dispatch – efficiently, expertly and reliably.